Summary of The Work and Achievements of Shi Yali Ramamri Tam Ranganathan

1924 - Designed the Colon Classification. 1925 -Trial of Colon Classification with the printed catalogue of the Madras University Library and the Ship Library on board SS Dumana (June-July). 1928 - ...

S.R.Ranganathan - A Short Biography

Ranganathan was born in Shiyali in Tanjavoor District of Tamil Nadu (then part of Madras Presidency) in his maternal grandfather's house in North Rampart Street, (Vadakku Madavilaga Theruvu)...

Treatise of Library & Information Science

Dr. Kanchan Kamila,Dr. Biswajit Das
Publisher: Knowledge Publishing House

“Treatise  of  LIS”  is  a  product  of  extensive  efforts  of  several  years.  It  is  based  on  ‘”All  in  One”  approach  because  it  will  be  helpful ...

Monograph of Library &  Information Science 

Dr. Kanchan Kamila Dr. Biswajit Das
Publisher: Knowledge Publishing House

“Monograph  of  Library  &  Information  Science”  is  a  product  of  extensive  efforts  of  several  years.  It  is  based  on  ‘”All  in  One”  approach ...

MCQs for Library & Information Science

Dr. Kanchan Kamila,Dr. Biswajit Das
Publisher: Anu Publisher, Kolkata

A cycled index string consists of a keyword from the input string, the part of the input string following the keyword, a dividing symbol, and the part of the input string preceding the keyword. ...

Librarians Around The World

Amelie Girard, Abeer S. Al-Kuwari
Publisher: Library Association of Latvia, Riga

Librarians Around the World” is an online project where 34 participants from 19 countries wrote an article about their study and work experience, about the library system, library related...

A guide to understanding the language of the Library

Publisher: Oxford Brookes University

University libraries are invaluable resources for students but they can seem daunting places at first! This guide is to help you with terms used regularly in the library which may be unfamiliar to...

The Common Communication Format for Bibliographic Information

Peter Simmons,Alan Hopkinson
Publisher: Unesco General Information Programme and UNISIST

The Common Communication Format (CCF) was developed by the Ad Hoc Group for the Establishment of the Communication Format in order to facilitate the exchange to bibliographic organization and first...

Advanced Methodologies and Technologies in Library Science, Information Management, and Scholarly Inquiry

Mehdi Khosrow-Pour
Publisher: IGI Global

The chapter provides a comprehensive overview of digital literacy, looking at the theoretical and ideological construct of the term from functional and critical perspectives. Digital literacy as a...

Basic Research Methods for Librarians

Lynn Silipigni Connaway ,Ronald R. Powell
Publisher: Greenwood publication group

The consensus of a number of those individuals who have assessed the previous research of librarians is that the quantity and quality have left something to be desired. For example, “Ennis...

International Encyclopedia of Information and Library Science

John Feather ,Paul Sturges
Publisher: Routledge

An abstract is a summary of the essential content of another, longer, document. An abstracts service is a form of current bibliography in which contributions to periodicals, other collections and...

Critical theory for library and information science

Gloria J. Leckie, Lisa M. Given,John E. Buschman
Publisher: Libraries unlimited

The rise of critical theory is usually identified with the Institute for Social Research (Institut für Sozialforschung), formed in 1923 and associated over the years with the University of...

Applications of social research methods to questions in information and library science

Wildemuth, Barbara M
Publisher: Libraries unlimited

Information and library science (ILS) is a field that includes the profession of librarianship as well as a variety of other information professions (systems designer, database administrator, and...

New Developments in Information Industry

G. Mangai

Process of transforming information and intellectual assets into enduring value. Process of Knowledge Management Identifying valid knowledge sources. Capturing of Knowledge. Processing of...

Colon Classification

G. Mangai

Books are for use. Every reader his/ her book. Every book its reader. Save the time of the reader. Library is a growing organism

Information: Collections & Communications

Information-as-a-process: the process of being informed Information-as-knowledge: That which is imparted when someone becomes informed. Being informed is a state of knowing something. Knowledge is...

Libraries, digital libraries and digital library research

Lorcan Dempsey

the function of the library must be understood as one that assists members of the community both in taking particular positions and in recognizing and assessing the positions taken by others.

Library marketing: UNISA Workshop

Thomas van der Walt

There is a vast number of people in need of information, education and recreation — services and products that library and information services offer. These factors pose new challenges for...

Digital Divide and Digital Library Environment

Sobhagyawati Gupta,Rajneesh,Madan Singh Rana

Though information is being considered as basic ingredient for the society, ICT has, however, rejuvenated a new dimension to information i.e. as commodity. Connection of networks, further,...

Modern Library and Information Services

Understand the nature and scope of changes in the area of library and Information services. Know about the components of Information and communication technology(ICTs). Know the impact of ICTs on...